Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Welcome to my privacy policy! This page contains information about how I handle the personal information that might be gathered when you visit and use this webpage. My ambition is to keep the collection of personal data and the use of cookies at a minimum. I hope that the information on this page is easy to understand. You are very welcome to contact me, should you have any further questions and you’ll find all the ways to contact me on the contact page, through this link.

Cookies are small electronic data files that are stored in your web browser when you visit a website. On my website I only use cookies to let your web browser know which language you have chosen when you switch pages. In the web shop cookies are also needed so that the items that you want to buy stays in your shopping basket when you switch pages until you reach the check-out. I view these cookies as necessary for the function of the homepage and you can therefore not switch them of. However, all cookies used on this homepage are anonymized and no information about you is sent back to me through them. Should you have installed a plugin in your web browser that blocks cookies, this might explain why the homepage is not functioning as it should.

To get a general idea of where my visitors are located geographically and what pages that are being viewed, I’ve installed the program Matomo (previously Piwik) locally on my website. The localization is made through the visitors IP-address (the computers phone number) but the program is set to anonymize each visit and no personal data, including the IP-address, about you personally is being saved or transfered to anyone else. If you still prefer to not have your visit counted at all, please un-tick the box below this information text from Matomo:

You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

In some cases you as the user provide me with your personal information, for example when you correspond with me through e-mail or on social media, when you sign up for my newsletter och when you order images. The personal data that I then might gather and save about you is the following:
* Name
* Telephone number

* Postal address

* Any other extra information that you provide me with
Please observe! For your own safety I urge you to not re-use any password you’ve used anywhere else, when you register a user account in my web shop.
Your personal information is gathered for specific, agreed and legitimate purposes and will not be used any further than that. I never share your personal with anyone else if you haven’t asked me to do so in advance. For example when you make a purchase and choose to pay with your card, in which case the payment is run through the payment company Stripe.
No personal information is saved about you when you only visit my homepage. When you however order an image from me, send me an email or in any other way interact with me digitally information about you will be stored. I keep the personal information about you for as long as it’s necessary to, for example, deliver your order or to be able to send you my newsletter. If you’ve made a purchase you might want to order something again, so I won’t delete your user account automatically when your order is sent. In the following paragraph I’ve listed the services I use and where you can find more information about their policies regarding personal information. My homepage is set up through the German company Domain Factory and they have placed the physical server containing my homepage in Strasbourg in France. So that’s where the information you provide when registering a user account with me at the time of ordering an image is stored. Read more about Domain Factorys policy about data safety through this link (in German). For card payments I use the company Stripe and zou can read about their integrity policy through this link. I use Google Mail to send and receive emails, so the emails you send to me are stored on Googles servers in a country unknown to me. You can read more about Googles policies for data safety through this link. MailChimp is the the service I use to send Newsletters and you can read their policies for the handling of personal data through this link. When you communicate with me through Facebook, their policies for data safety applies and you can read more about them through this link. I also store information in my own computer, secured through a password.

You can always contact me regarding the information I have and handle regarding you. Here is a list of your rights:
* You can have access to all the information I have stored about you.

* You can have fawlty or incomplete information corrected.

* You can have personal information deleted.

* You can cancel the subscription of any future e-mails from me.
* You can ask me to delete your user account in my web shop.
To use any of these rights, please send me a request using the contact details on the contact page.

If you’ve ordered anything from me through my web shop, you’ll find all your personal information in your user account. You’re also welcome to contact me so I can initiate a data export through the web shop including all the personal information that’s stored about you. When it comes to emails, I suggest that you first of all have a look in the folder for sent emails in your own email program, to see what you’ve sent to me. I can at my end also export the emails you’ve sent me as a PDF and return them to you. Please state all the email addresses from where you’ve sent emails to me, so I can find the information that you want.

You’re at all times welcome to ask me to delete your user account, including all the digital information that I’ve stored about you, as soon as I can. Regarding my newsletters, there is an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email, through which you can remove yourself from the mailing list so that you won’t receive any further emails from me. Regardless of where your information is stored, you’re also welcome to contact me directly, so I can assist you in being forgotten in my little corner of the web. Please observe that if you’ve made a purchase from me, I need to store the information about you as long as the laws for accounting require me to do so. When a purchase is made, your personal information is also shared with my accountant in the form of printed (completely analogue) verifications.

I will never sell, trade or pass on personal information about you without your consent. The only exception being a request from public authorities in connection with a review of my bookkeeping, for example. If I discover a security breach in one of my systems, I will inform you of it promptly via email.
This privacy policy is only valid for my website, where you’re at the moment reading this text. There are, however, some links on this site that will take you to other websites. These websites are not covered by my privacy policy. I am consequently not responsible for any gathering and handling of data by these external parties. These external websites include, for example, the social media sites where I have an account or a fan-site, where you can contribute information or other contents. It is the privacy policies of these external parties that are in force when you contribute information on these external websites.
I have to the best of my abilities made this website and its tools as secure as I possibly can and strive to always keep it updated with the latest software. The page is for example upgraded with a security certificate, to keep the communication between your computer and my website encrypted. This is indicated by the green padlock in your web browser. No matter where the information you have shared is saved, I always strive to update to the latest software to save my page and your personal information as best as I can. But despite all security measures, and with regards to the fact that it’s the internet we’re talking about, you can never talk about 100% security when transferring data. It’s important that we all remember this when we share information about ourselves.
I reserve the right to update and change this privacy policy when the need arises. To make sure that you don’t object to the changes made, I encourage you to stop by this page when you make your regular visit on my website.


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